Interactive Event

Learning in doing – AIGO program keeps AI talents going in competitions.


Professor David C. H. Yeh, Chair

Email: [email protected]

The Director of Transformation Talent Developing Center in Digital Education Institute at Institute for Information Industry


Through the AI Talent Training Program (AIGO), the Administration for Digital Industries (ADI, moda) conducts AI competitions to combine corporate problems with AI talents to accelerate the introduction of AI solutions into the industries in Taiwan.

After six competitions, the AIGO program has nurtured AI solutions for many areas, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail and the public sector. In our interactive event, we would like to introduce how it works and its outcomes.


1Opening RemarksSpeech
2‘Industry Challenges X Talent Solutions’ mechanismIntroduction10
3Applying AI in Smart Manufacturing: Finding Blackholes in Defect GalaxyPanel Sharing & Discussion20
4Restaurant Location Selection based on Restaurant VectorsPanel Sharing & Discussion10
5SQL-Based Chatbot for Government Household StatisticsPanel Sharing & Discussion10
6Correction of English-translated Mail Addresses Using Natural Language ProcessingPanel Sharing & Discussion10
7Computer Vision Application: Stray Dogs MonitoringPanel Sharing & Discussion10
8Real-Time Prediction of Intradialytic Hypotension via GRU and Explainable AIPanel Sharing & Discussion20
9The Talents driving AI commercializationPanel Sharing & Discussion20


Organizer biography

Dr. Chung-Han Yeh is a director in Digital Education Institute (DEI) at Institute for Information Industry (III). He leads Digital Transformation Training Center since April 2019. His research interests are in the areas of AI, system engineering, digital transformation and service quality measurement. His research team has published 3-5 IEEE conference articles per year. Moreover, his team has played as talent development think tank for government and focus on cross-domain ICT industry project.