Call for papers C3

Sub-Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Learning Analytics, Platforms and Infrastructure

This sub-conference will focus on advances and emerging trends in digital infrastructure that support and facilitate learning. Examples include inventive uses of data as representations of teaching and learning activities which bring into scope learning analytics and its sub-processes of capturing, collecting, storing, analyzing, visualizing and using data to improve teaching & learning, as well as the processes that enable it, such as educational data mining, open educational resources, interoperability standards, and digital infrastructures. The conference aims to inform standards development in the area of systems, resource, and data interoperability and to report on and inspire design of new and advanced learning technologies.

The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to the following topics, grouped as follows:

Advanced Learning Technologies

  • Adaptive, context-aware and personalised technologies
  • Affective Computing for Learning
  • Augmented reality and virtual worlds in education
  • Automated assessments & evaluation
  • Collaborative & social media
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Interactive videos
  • Question technologies
  • Recommender systems
  • Semantic Web in education
  • Smart systems & next generation environments
  • The Internet of Things

Analytics in Teaching & Learning

  • Data Literacy and Learning Analytics
  • Game-based Learning Analytics
  • Data sharing for learning analytics
  • Design and application of learning analytics systems
  • Development and management of algorithms for analytics based on gathered data
  • Gathering diverse learning data, e.g., related to linked and open data
  • Pedagogical models and learning analytics
  • Predictive models, visualisation and statistical analysis
  • Ethics and privacy concerns and policy aspects related to learning analytics
  • Multimodal learning analytics
  • Social network analysis
  • Process and sequence mining of learner’s interaction data

Platforms & Infrastructure

  • Cloud Computing in web-based education
  • Digital Badges and open badging systems
  • Implementation and organisational development of advanced learning technologies
  • Learning systems platforms and architecture
  • Learning design interfaces
  • Classroom orchestration tools
  • Life cycle management of technical learning objects
  • Mobile, pervasive and ubiquitous technologies for learning
  • Natural User Interfaces for teaching and learning in the Web
  • Open platforms (MOOCs), practices, resources (OER), systems, & data
  • Performance Support Tools (PSTs)
  • Repository technologies
  • Technology standards

Important Dates

Track chair
Rwitajit Majumdar, Kyoto University

Track co-chair
Mohammed Saqr, University of Eastern Finland
Khalid Khan, Charles Darwin University
Lakshmi Ganesh, Kotak Education Foundation

PC member
Sonsoles López-Pernas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Aditi Kothiyal, EPFL
Ramkumar Rajendran, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Jon Mason, Charles Darwin University
Atsushi Shimada, Kyushu University
Łukasz Tomczyk, Jagiellonian University Ismar Silveira, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie Weiqin Chen, Oslo Metropolitan University
Oluwafemi Samson Balogun, University of Eastern Finland
Vladimir Costas, Universidad Mayor de San Simón
Regina Motz, Universidad de la República
Rekha Ramesh, Mumbai University
Maria Eliseo, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
Yang-Hsueh Chen, National Chengchi Universitry, Taiwan
Lenka Schnaubert, University of Duisburg-Essen
Emmanuel Awuni Kolog, University of Ghana Business School
孫之元, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Erkan Er, Middle East Technical University (METU)
Yongwu Miao, University Duisburg-Essen
Minhong Wang, The University of Hong Kong
Judith Azcarraga, De La Salle University
Riina Vuorikari, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS)
Victoria Abou Khalil, ETH zurich
Mehmet Kokoç, Karadeniz Technical University
Nigel Stanger, University of Otago
Luis Anido Rifon, Universidade de Vigo. Depto. of Telematics
Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez, University of Vigo
Marc Jansen, University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West
Tore Hoel, Oslo Metropolitan University
Chewlee Teo, MOE
Huiyong Li, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
Kyosuke Takami, Kyoto University
Yiling DAI, Kyoto University
Ritayan Mitra, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay