Information on Hybrid Conference Mode

Length of Presentation

  • Full Paper¬†Presentation
    • 25¬†minutes¬†will¬†be¬†allocated¬†for¬†presentation¬†and¬†5¬†minutes¬†for¬†discussion.¬†Please¬†keep¬†the presentation within the time limit set.
  • Short Paper¬†Presentation
    • 15¬†minutes¬†will¬†be¬†allocated¬†for¬†presentation¬†and¬†5¬†minutes¬†for¬†discussion.¬†Please¬†keep¬†the presentation within the time limit set.
  • Extended Summary¬†Presentation
    • 10¬†minutes¬†will¬†be¬†allocated¬†for¬†presentation¬†and¬†5¬†minutes¬†for¬†discussion.¬†Please¬†keep¬†the presentation within the time limit set.

Paper Presentation Guideline

  1. You may have received an email to activate your ID on the ICCE 2022 Website. This ID is given to all on-site and online participants so that they can have access to all hybrid events.
    Alert: Due to some technical errors, please ignore the links provided in the email (such as the virtual guideline and virtual program for ICCE 2021). However, you may still click on the link to login. 
  2. Please note that the video conferencing platform for online presentations and participation is Zoom.  Online participants will have to logon to Zoom to join the on-site participants in the physical room. Each physical room is equipped with Zoom as well so that on-site participants can communicate with online participants.
  3. Prior to the conference, all online presenters (and participants) are required to install the Zoom client software on their computers, and make sure their webcams and microphones are properly functioning.
  4. The link to individual online sessions is announced on the Virtual ICCE Interactive Program at the Location field when seeing the session details (or the link below the sessions title at the main interactive page). Please take note that Your Local timestamps on the Interactive Program page only works if JavaScript is enabled.
    Note: The Virtual ICCE Interactive Program should appear on your profile 3-7 days before the conference begins.
  5. Presenters must logon and join the assigned Zoom room 15 minutes prior to the presentation sessions with computers or devices that could display their presentation materials (MS PowerPoint, PDF, or software to demonstrate, etc.). Do take note that such materials might not be able to be properly displayed on smartphones.
  6.  Presenters are required to turn on their webcams, share the screen, and show their faces during their presentations and the subsequent Q&A activities.
  7. One Technical Support Assistant will be assigned to each room to assist the authors on technical matters. Authors also can contact the Technical Support Team via¬†[email protected].
  8. Please check in with your Session Chair before the session in which your presentation begins.
  9. Video cameras, microphones, data projectors (HD) with HDMI and VGA input are provided in each session room. A standard Windows 10 laptop with MS Office will be set and connected to the data projector. You may copy your presentation file (MS Powerpoint or PDF) to this laptop.
  10. You may also bring your own laptop but it must be installed with Zoom. If you wish to use your own laptop, you must log on to Zoom so that you can share your screen with the online participants.
  11. Please set up and test your presentation in the designated room prior to your session.
  12. If there is a cancellation of a presentation, please do not start earlier. You must wait until the scheduled time.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  1. Your poster should be within 594mm (width) x 841 mm (height). The orientation of posters is Portrait.
  2. Please include the title of the paper, the names and affiliations of the authors in the poster.
  3. The contents of the poster should be clear and concise. Figures, tables and letters on the posters should be large and clear enough that they are readable from a distance. Letters in font size less than 1 cm should be avoided.
  4. Electrical power point plugs will not be available for the on-site poster presentation.
  5. Wi-Fi Internet connection will be provided.
  6. For on-site presenters, please be at the poster presentation room at least 15 minutes earlier to set up  your posters.
  7. For online presenters, the main platform for online poster presentations will be GatherTown.
  8. The poster presentations comprise two components, (1) online sharing of digital posters and five-minute pre-recorded oral presentations; (2) live interaction with online participants during a designated poster presentation session via the Gathertown platform.