Instructions for Virtual ICCE 2021

Firstly, you need an account for ICCE 2021 website. You will receive an activation email to your registered mailbox for ICCE 2021. Please use the function Password Reset to obtain your new password for the first time login or send an email to [email protected] if you have login problem.

During the online conference, we will use Zoom for all conference sessions and meetings. For the best conference experience, please download Zoom Client for Meetings onto your laptop or desktop via (note that the Web-browser or App version does not offer all functionalities, e.g., regarding the use of breakout rooms). Please see the Tips To Improve Audio Quality in Meetings before joining to our Zoom sessions.

Besides the conference sessions, we will also enable a Social Lounge Area. This lounge area is carried out on the Airmeet platform. You can join this lounge area at any time during the conference to have a chat or discussion with other participants. Airmeet Social Lounge also is used for Posters sessions. More details about how to use Lounge Area are available here: Social Lounge

The link to individual online sessions is announced on the Virtual ICCE Interactive Program at the Location field when seeing the sessions details (or the link below the session’s title at the main interactive page). Please take note that the Interactive Program page only works if JavaScript is enabled.

You also can go to ICCE 2021 Participants list to see all other participants public profile.

Another place to go is the Forum where you can create topics and discussions. Posters will be posted on the Forum prior to the Poster session as mentioned in the Poster presentations.

Each attendee have their own profile page which is shared publicly. You can modify your own profile by go to Profile page, or modify password and privacy setting on Account page.

Besides that, all events that related to you are available at the Ongoing Events subpage

All public events such as the Opening ceremony or Keynote speeches will be live streaming on our official Youtube channel at

When you get a chance, please update your profile picture and info, so we can get to know you better.

Please follow below links for more detailed instructions:

Initial setup

Please install Zoom Client for Meetings in advance ( We recommend that you try your microphone and webcam before joining the session (

We also prepared PPT Template and Zoom Background for your presentation.

Initial setup for Airmeet is not required. You can access the Airmeet Lounge Area directly with your web browser or install Airmeet Mobile App on your mobile device.

Join a session

You need to log in and view the protected page Virtual ICCE Interactive Program then find the session you are interested in. Click on the link of the corresponding session to go to the corresponding Zoom meeting or Airmeet Lounge. If you are joining the session before the host has started the meeting, please wait in the lobby until the host starts the session.

Our recommendation is to turn on your webcam by default to engage more with other participants and to contribute to a more lively conference experience. When presenting or asking questions, we definitely ask you to turn on your webcam. However, during the presentations, we ask only the presenter to turn on the webcam while others turn it off to keep the focus on the presentation itself.


Conferencing, online and in-person can be exhausting! We need to take breaks. These breaks are included in the schedule! Stand up and stretch, get a snack, come back refreshed! If you leave Zoom on, make sure that your microphone is muted during the break. And do you want to connect with others, then take a look at the Lounge Area.

In case you have any further questions, you can also contact us anytime at the bottom-right icon or at [email protected] for general queries, [email protected] for anything technical-related